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Tips from Our Friends at the  Louisiana Watercolor Society

Make a plan using these five steps:


  1. Paint on a consistent basis. If you are serious, paint every day. Ideally, you should have a place set up in your studio or your home where you can easily just sit down and start painting each day. 

  2. Take reference photos. Do not use photos taken by others. Do not find reference photos online or in magazines. You can certainly get ideas from these sources but take your own photos. The composition of the really great paintings in your body of work comes first from your own brain.

  3. Buy professional paper, paint and brushes. Student grade merchandise will not give you the ‘look’ you want and will not stand up against the other paintings in a national exhibit. Do not even practice with student-grade paint or brushes. Learn to use the professional art supplies and you will see a great difference in quality. 

  4. Be original! Try to compose your painting using your own unique ‘hand’ instead of copying what others do. This will serve you well. Your unique vision will catch the eye of a juror much more than a copy of another artist’s style.

  5. Have fun. Compose your paintings of things you love. Paint with elan! Paint with confidence. By following these five steps, you will be well on your way

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