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One Person Can Make a Difference ...


Sharon Tarras

The Board of Directors of AGAMI is pleased to award Sharon Tarras, Past President, the Genevieve Alban Award for 2022 for her dedication as President of the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island (2018-2021).  She will also have her name listed for the Honorable Mention Category for the 2022 AGAMI Online Juried Show Award.


When the Guild was left without a President in February 2018 the 1st vice president was left to fill in the duties.  The remainder of the Board was stepping up to assist in any way that they could.  This Board of Directors of the Artists Guild is a volunteer run entity.  They work to keep this Guild running efficiently relies on the input of its Board and members and the leadership of a dedicated President.


In late 2018 it was proposed to nominate Sharon Tarras for President, at that time. She was serving as corresponding secretary.  We were all wildly excited!  She, was a bit reluctant, as anyone would be.  Fortunately for the Guild, she accepted and was elected and began her duties in January 2019.


There were many obstacles to overcome and with utmost patience and understanding Sharon delved into the position and very successfully over saw the renovation of the interior of the Gallery.  She spent many hours working on this project, working with contractors, vendors and held numerous meetings to bring forth excellent choices for flooring, electrical lighting and painters. She always sought input from other board members and members. All the while with help from our in-house ‘techies’ she managed to set up Zoom classes as we were in pandemic mode.  She conducted Board meetings and members meetings via Zoom, always keeping to her agenda.


In addition, Sharon was extremely patient in working with those who had less ‘techie’ skills than her, especially when it came to setting up for the Zoom classes.  She always listened to concerns, resolved differences amongst all volunteer members and did so in a collaborative manner, never making anyone feel that their concerns were unimportant.  She was always ready to roll up her sleeves, whether it was helping with the front window, setting up for our parties, cleaning out the back shed or straightening up the back room.  No task was too small.


To say that Sharon Tarras is a leader is an understatement.  We all thrived with her extraordinary leadership, with her sensitivity to all our differences and created a positive team approach to implement the mission of AGAMI. With this in mind, the Genevieve Alban award is presented by the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island to Sharon Tarras with much appreciation and affection.

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