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Marge Kelly

Watercolor & Graphite Artist

Marge Kelly works primarily in graphite and watercolor.  She has been exhibiting in the AGAMI Gallery for 1-1/2 years.  She loves to work on site whenever possible, then finish work in her studio where she has access to more materials and technology.

For purchase, contact Marge through AGAMI at

Butterfly Garden, Celery Fields - graphite - Marge Kelly.jpg

Butterfly Garden, Celery Fields

Graphite Drawing, 19" x 25"

Original $350 framed

Lunar Landscape - Marge Kelly.jpeg

Lunar Landscape

Watercolor, 33" x 25"

Original $350 framed 

Sandhill Crane on Beach - Marge Kelly.jpeg
Butterfly Garden, Celery Fields - watercolor - Marge Kelly.jpg

Butterfly Garden, Celery Fields

Watercolor, 19 x 25"

Original $350 framed 

Orchid Tree Flower - Marge Kelly.jpg

Orchid Tree Flower

Watercolor, 24" x 32" 

$200 unframed Giclee

Sandhill Crane on Beach 

Watercolor, 28" x 19"

Original $350 framed 

Any questions, please contact Agami at

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