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Polly Tetrault

Mixed Media Artist

Polly Tetrault is a versatile mixed media artist, blending various artistic techniques and materials to create unique and expressive works of art.  With a deep passion for experimentation and exploration, she pushes the boundaries of traditional art.  Her art is a reflection of diverse interests and experiences, with 2D paintings.  She’s drawn to the juxtaposition of different textures and vibrant colors, creating visually captivating compositions.  She aims to evoke emotion, challenge perception, love and ignite imagination in viewers.  For questions or purchase, please contact Polly through AGAMI at

Pine Island.jpg

Pine Island

Oil, 48" x 60"

Original $3,800 Gallery Wrapped 

CydeButcher in Color, Cavo Caosta Island.jpg

Clyde Butcher in Color, Cayo Costs Island

Oil with sand, 48" x 60"

Original $800, Gallery Wrapped 

Elephant pod tree.jpeg

Elephant Pod Tree

Oil, 48" x 60"

Original $3,500, Gallery wrapped

21st Centery Monet 

Acrylic, 48" x 60"

Original $4,500, Original framed to 50" x 62"

21st Century Monet.jpg

Ocean Warrior

Acrylic Pencil, 60" x 48"

Original $4,500, Original framed to 50" x 62"

Any questions, please contact Agami at

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