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One Person Can Make a Difference ...


Carolann Garafola

The Board of Directors of AGAMI is pleased to award Carolann Garafola, the Genevieve Alban Award for 2024 for her dedication to the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island.   

Carolann Garafola has been a member of the Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island & Gallery (AGAMI) since 2019.  She began painting under her husband, Ralph Garafola, in 2004.  She is a transplant from New Jersey where she was an elected official for 26 years, 6 years as Mayor of her town, Warren, NJ.  During her time as a volunteer for AGAMI, Carolann has served as the Corresponding Secretary, Co-President, Assistant Treasurer, Moderator for online Zoom Classes, writer of grants, chairperson of the monthly Artwalks in the Island Shopping Center, Chair of the Photo Contest held at the Bell Fishing Company during their Annual Cortez Fish Weekend in February each year, and all-around volunteer. She assisted in collecting and distributing art supplies to the Manatee School District, has been the financial benefactor of awards for budding art students at the Annual Manatee School Competition through the Art Center of Manatee as well as a major financial supporter of the construction of the new Herring Art Center (formerly the Art Center of Manatee).  She is the recipient of the Genevieve Alban Award for her dedication to the Gallery and to the world of art in the Florida community.


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