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Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island

2021 12th Annual Art Exhibition

February 1, 2021- March 30, 2021

Juror’s Statement from Kris Parins

I am honored to serve as juror for this AGAMI exhibit, “Art Unleashed.” I must congratulate the organizers for the excellent job of putting together the Guild’s first online exhibit. You are keeping the art flame alive in these difficult times; art is more important than ever in our communities.

In an online exhibition, size does not matter. Smaller pieces are given equal space to shine. The viewing experience is more up-close and personal, and the viewer is not influenced by framing or other presentation. The resulting impressions may be quite different than if the same works were to be exhibited together in a traditional gallery setting.

I carefully considered each piece and compared it with the others with respect to initial impact, originality, mastery, and content. Naturally there were difficult choices to be made, given the number of worthy pieces entered.

Some pieces delivered an immediate punch with strong design and vivid contrast; others quietly told their story after a second or third look. There were many pieces that displayed a high level of technical mastery. All were heartfelt expressions by the artists. Visitors to the exhibit will be delighted by the variety of media entered.

Congratulations to every brave and talented artist who entered, some of you  navigating a digital entry process for the first time. Keep on expressing yourself through your art and sharing it with the world!

Best Wishes,


Kris Parins AWS, NWS, TWSA


2021 Award Winners

      People's Choice Award

Between Feb 1 and Feb 15, members of the public voted for their favorite among the many beautiful images in this exhiibtion.  The winner was "Serengeti Dreams" by Polly Tetrault.

Serengeti Dreams 39a.jpg

2021 Artist Exhibits

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