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AGAMI 2021 Scholarship Winners


Thanks to the generosity of Guild members and patrons, the Guild was able to offer 2 $1000 scholarships to Manatee County High School seniors pursuing a college degrees in the arts. 

We were fortunate to have outstanding applications and the selection was difficult.  The scholarship recipients were the following:



Keara Henre

Braden River High School
Intended Major:  Instrumental Music








MacKenzie Cook

Braden River High School
Intended Major: Illustrative Concept Design














Judy Vazquez, AGAMI member, was in charge of the scholarship committee.  She also coordinated collecting donations from AGAMI members and there was a terrific outpouring of supplies for the Blanche Dougherty School for Arts and Science at 63rd St., Bradenton, Fl.  She was joined by Carolann Garafola to bring supplies to the School on March 4th, 2021.  Supplies included a lot of white paper, illustration board, Strathmore Paper, a printer, crayons, markers and colored pencils.  Judy arranged this through Jessica Scott-Dunda, art teacher at the school.  Additional equipment will be dropped off after spring break, a new HPphoto printer, photo paper, more illustration board and a mat cutter. 


Jessica promised to send us photos of the Students' art work that comes out of these additional supplies. The generosity of these donations from  AGAMI members is helping to support budding artists.

Donation Photo 3.4.2021 education.jpg
Henre Braden River High School Bach Prelude No. 3 (1).png
Cook Braden River HS 12x8 Florida Way Graphite.jpg


  News from the Board


Board meetings are held monthly, usually by Zoom.

Any member may attend. If you wish to to speak, contact Sharon Tarras before the meeting so your concern may be added to the agenda.

Minutes of the meeting and financial information are posted on the Members Only page.  A member directory is also available on the page. 

2021-2022 Window Themes 

Window Display News


The window of our gallery is very important — now more than ever. It advertises the expertise of our artists and draws customers into the gallery. We are beginning our re-birth to normality with the following themes and ideas for the upcoming months:


July’s theme: Fish and Water Creatures. We will not hang the work until July 6th.


August’s theme : Tropical Treasures, Flora and Fauna


September : Water Babies, Figurative


October: 10 x 10 cradleboard fund raiser (details on the AGAMI website)


There will be an area in the back room in the high stacks on the shelf, reserved for those of you leaving for the summer who wish to participate. Please make out your sales tag, and attach it to the painting. Also place a check or cash $10 in a sealed envelope to the back wire of the painting.



New Window Display Guidelines

Please note the change in how the Gallery is handling Theme Windows:


We are now allowing larger pieces to be used in our theme windows. This will make for a more attractive and have more of an impact on the presentation to our customers.


All larger pieces submitted should be “up to and including the frame” be over 800 square inches to 1300 square inches , and will cost $30. [Measure the outside of your frame or artwork canvas and multiply height in inches by width in inches]


Our prices remain the same $10 for all other framed work.


To reduce the amount of work on our treasurer we now request that your check or money for the Theme Window should be in a sealed envelope and hung on the wire on the back of your painting.


This will simplify the refund if your painting is not used in the Window Theme Display.


Thank you for participating in the support of our Art Gallery.


The painting should be delivered to the upper racks in the back designated for this event before the first day of the month in which you wish to participate. Make out a sale card to go with the paintings with title and price and apply to the painting. 


Every effort will be made to use your painting in the window. The final decision is made by the window committee. You will be refunded your money if the painting is not used. 


All members — whether Display Artists or not, are eligible for theme windows.

slcootn daisy.jpg

Watercolor by Sue Lynn Cotton

Copyright © 2021 by the Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island.  All rights reserved. No artwork on this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including copying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods.

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