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Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island
2022 13th Annual Art Exhibition
March 1, 2022- April 15, 2022

Judge’s Statement from Chris Krupinski

It was an honor to be invited to be the awards judge for the 2022 Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island exhibition. I was impressed by the broad range of styles and mediums offered.


The criteria that I use when judging is initial impact, compositional design, creativity, honest personal style, and sensitivity to the chosen medium. The initial impact needs to demand the viewer’s attention and invite them to spend time looking at the piece. Composition, in my opinion, is the most essential component in creating good art. The works that showed a strong understanding of the principles of design stood out. Creativity and originality were also very important. Today it seems that more and more artists are just recording facts by attempting to emulate a photo reference instead of expressing their own interpretations. Particular styles and techniques are not as important. Some artists place too much emphasis on trying to reveal how much control they have with their medium as if this alone would automatically guarantee a successful painting. Craftsmanship, although important in my opinion, should not be a dominating factor.


Thank you so much for the opportunity of studying your work. The awards spanned multiple mediums, styles, and techniques. Each was carefully studied and the award selections were the pieces I deemed noteworthy.

Chris Krupinski, AWS-DF, NWS,

2022 Award Winners
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Copyright © 2022 by the Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island.  All rights reserved. No artwork on this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including copying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods.

The Merit Awards are in honor of Sharon Tarras, 2022 Genevieve Alban Award Recipient.

      People's Choice Award

Between March 1 and March 15, members of the public voted for their favorite among the many beautiful images in this exhibition.  

Sea Turtle
"Sea Turtle" by Nancy Van Tassell

2022 Artist Exhibit
General Show

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